Ever suspect your employees are fudging their timesheets by clocking in for one another? A new biotechnology tool from VeriTask Software can help ensure employees are recording and reporting their hours with absolute accuracy.

VeriTask's Biometric Time Clock verifies an employee's identity through his or her fingerprint. As employees enter and leave the workplace, they check in using a fingerprint scanner, which keeps a precise record of the time. The system can be upgraded to manage a virtually unlimited number of employees, while attendance data can be easily exported to QuickBooks (NASDAQ:INTU) or Microsoft Excel (NASDAQ:MSFT).

The professional version of the Biometric Employee Time Clock, which includes a fingerprint reader and software to manage up to 50 employees, costs $399. An enterprise version, which can manage up to 100 employees, costs $699.

Social Networking for Mom 2.0

Women Entrepreneurs who balance family and career responsibilities can now interact with a community of their peers at BusinessMom.net. Touted as the MySpace for entrepreneur moms, this new social network is geared towards women who run all types of businesses -- from franchise owners to sole proprietors selling merchandise on eBay.

BusinessMom.net, which was launched by Mommy's Company, an online magazine, offers a forum where businesswomen can track donw mentors, trade services, promote their business, and network. Like MySpace, BusinessMom.net lets users create profiles and blogs, as well as leave messages and "friend" one another.
BusinessMom.net also includes original content, such as business and lifestyle polls, contests, motivational quotes, and an events page. Membership is free.

New Sales Tool for Online Auctioneers

EBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) estimates that nearly half a million people worldwide now make a living selling merchandise online. To make life easier for these eBay entrepreneurs, NetSuite has added a new feature to its on-demand business-management software that helps vendors better manage online auctions.

The feature, which is available as an add-on module for NetSuite Small Business and NetSuite, lets users push products to eBay.com and eBay Stores directly from their NetSuite product catalog, while viewing bidding details and other live eBay listings. When an auction is complete, it also creates a customer record and sales order for fulfillment and shipping processes. After a sale, the application automatically lowers the vendor's record of available inventory for the sold item and updates the customer's purchase history, allowing vendors to better plan future marketing campaigns targeted to each customer.

The NetSuite eBay integration application starts at $99 per month.