Small businesses tend to offer employees more responsibility and a wider range of roles than larger firms. Not to mention all those perks, like flexible work hours or job sharing that smaller firms often provide to distinguish themselves from larger competitors. It's no wonder many job seekers prefer to find a position with a smaller company., an online job board, recently re-launched to focus exclusively on independent enterprises that employ fewer than 100 people. The new website, which is the only major job board dedicated to small-business jobs, offers employers resume matching and job posting.

In order to attract a large number of job seekers, also offers career advice and inspiration, along with features such as "music for job searching" and the "daily laugh."

A 30-day posting is $149, a 60-day posting is $199, and a 90-day is $219.

Remote Access to Desktop Files

For the road warrior  who is tired of dragging a laptop around, WebEx, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based software company, has partnered with mobile-technology provider SoonR to launch an application that allows users to access files and programs on their desktop computer via the Internet from any PC or data-enabled phone.

WebEx PCNow 3.0, which supports both PC-to-PC and phone-to-PC access, lets users access the contacts, calendar, documents, VoIP applications, and other programs stored on their desktop from anywhere.

The service, which works across wireless carriers, does not require the installation of additional software and offers free online support. WebEx PCNow optimizes content for viewing on a Web-enabled mobile handset and all transferred data is encrypted with 128 Bit SSL. For additional security, the system can also be configured so that users must enter an access code via the phone's keypad to obtain access to the remote computer.

Unlimited remote desktop access through WebEx PCNow costs from $12.95 per month for one computer to $59.95 a month for ten computers.

Global Phone from National Geographic

Using your cell phone while traveling the globe can be expensive. Even if service is available, roaming fees can be hefty. To fight back, National Geographic is expanding beyond magazines and documentaries to offer a new pre-paid phone service designed for travelers who need to be accessible regardless of their geographic location.

The National Geographic Talk Abroad Travel Phone lets customers buy or rent a phone that will work in more than 100 countries. Users prepay for minutes and receive a U.K.-based phone number that works anywhere in the world.

The service, which is managed by Playa del Rey, Calif.-based Cellular Abroad, has partnerships with several hundred service carriers across the globe. Instead of signing contracts or paying monthly bills, users can either buy a National Geographic Talk Abroad SIM card to put in their own phone, or purchase or rent a phone with the SIM card included.

Incoming calls are free in over 65 countries, while outgoing calls cost $0.90 a minute in 50 destinations. Depending on location, outgoing calls can cost as much as $2.70 per minute. The phone itself costs $199 and comes with over 30 minutes of initial outgoing talk time included.