DYMO, an Internet postage service and manufacturer of on-demand labeling, is launching a free postage campaign to help small and midsize businesses adjust to the upcoming postage-rate increase. Beginning May 8, Stamford, Conn.-based DYMO will be giving away free two-cent stamps on its website as well as information on the new rate structure. The U.S. Postal Service two-cent rate increase will be effective starting May 14.

"This is just one way DYMO is trying to help businesses and households transition to the new rate structure," Miguel Ortiz, marketing director for DYMO Stamps, said in a statement. "It's also an opportunity for us to educate people about the new rates and how to eliminate unnecessary trips to the post office to purchase additional postage."

Visitors to DYMO's website will receive a set of 10 two-cent stamps as part of the offer, which coincides with the recent launch of DYMO's Desktop Mailing Solution, an all-inclusive mailing system package that comes with a printer, DYMO Stamps, and a new scale that will comply to the restructured rates. DYMO users can also sign up for a free account to purchase and print their postage including First Class, flat rate Priority Mail, International labels, and postcard mail pieces.

To receive the free DYMO Stamps postage offer and for more information on the postage-rate increase, visit www.dymo.com

British Invasion

When it comes to finding new business leads or developing contacts, many smaller public relations firms and marketing agencies are often not equipped to conduct a comprehensive search. Enter Pearlfinders. The London-based business intelligence company recently announced an expansion into the U.S. market.

In order to identify new opportunities for its clients, Pearlfinders searches all relevant industry news articles and provides a summary of its findings. In addition to public relations and marketing firms, Pearlfinders caters to media, digital, creative, and design agencies by assisting them in new business development.

Additionally, Pearlfinders interviews senior brand decision-makers to learn more about their marketing-communications plans and where the brands are spending their dollars. Pearlfinders then interprets the results for its clients and provides an analysis on how to approach the decision-makers in the organization with which the company wants to do business.

"We give smaller agencies the scope to win the big business that will help them grow," Pearlfinders director Louise Foley said. She says that Pearlfinders' services are especially relevant for agencies that are just starting out, in their first or second years of operation.

For more information, visit www.pearlfinders.com/us

Payroll Power

Many small businesses jump at the chance to outsource their payroll headaches, but don't necessarily like relinquishing direct control to a third party. In the face of such concerns, Plymouth, Mass.-based MyPayroll has launched an payroll co-sourcing solution to help give business owners the best of both worlds.

With MyPayroll's co-sourcing solution, small and midsize businesses have the same flexibility as they do with in-house payroll to check for error and inconsistencies. Companies also have real-time access to the data that they need to plan, make decisions, and execute both payroll and HR activities.

Other key advantages of co-sourcing are that companies no longer have to suffer with inflexible payroll service, growing payroll compliance issues, or limited reporting abilities. MyPayroll's solution is being offered as an all-inclusive monthly fee that is calculated based on the number of active employees at the company.

For more information on MyPayroll's services, visit www.mypayrollhr.com