Speakeasy, a Best Buy company (NYSE:BBY), has added two new digital voice options to its suite of VoIP services for the small-business market. Speakeasy's ultra-fast 15 Mbps broadband and a Small Office Calling Plan round out the company's portfolio.

As one of the only providers in the U.S. to offer ADSL2 broadband with VoIP, Speakeasy offers small-business customers download speeds of up to 15 Mbps backed by superior customer support. The EasyVoice Small Office Calling Plan, which can be used with any broadband service provider, starts at $19.95 per month, per employee.

"By offering both voice and broadband, Speakeasy has the ability to control the quality of service and reliability a customer receives when using our voice services over our broadband," Bruce Chatterley, Speakeasy President and CEO, said in a statement. Chatterley said the company wanted to give customers the flexibility to choose their broadband provider to accommodate a range of small-business needs.