Despite the growing number of companies that have adopted environmentally friendly practices around the office, a new survey found that few companies have an energy-savings policy in place for when employees leave town for the holidays.

Out of 15,000 employees surveyed worldwide, 58 percent said their company has put green policies into place on a year-round basis, according to global communication services firm Genesys Conferencing. However, only 30 percent of those respondents reported that their company has created a green holiday policy to cut down on energy usage during the second half of December.

"Companies are becoming increasingly committed to year-round green programs, but they haven't yet realized what additional opportunities exist when only half their employees are in the office during the holiday period," Denise Persson, executive vice president of marketing at Genesys Conferencing, said in a statement.

According to Genesys Conferencing, there are several easy ways to ensure an energy efficient holiday season. Business owners can require that employees turn off computers and office equipment in their cubicles as well as other common areas before leaving town. Additionally, companies can avoid using holiday decorations that require electricity and opt for a live tree instead of buying a fake one for display.