The Small Business Administration and Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE:DNB) are teaming up to promote the importance of credit for small-business owners.

The SBA and D&B are encouraging owners to follow five basic steps. These include starting a business credit file, establishing credit history by using your business name for expenses, paying bills on time, monitoring your business credit file, and knowing the credit standing of your customers and suppliers.

Your Very Own Tech Expert

Entrepreneurs and small-business owners can get immediate online tech support from their choice of experts at SupportSpace, a recent online start-up.

By entering the name and details of the product you're having problems with, SupportSpace matches you with an expert in the appropriate field.

New users can get their first support session free. Future sessions go for $24.95 until the problem is solved.

More information can be found at

Not Your Mom's Label Makers

Two new label makers from DYMO are geared toward more efficient, on-the-run labeling.

The desktop LabelManager 210D features faster and quieter printing than its predecessors, while the LabelManager 220P is portable with a PDA-like keyboard.

The LabelManager 210D starts at $49.99 and the 220P at $59.99. Both products are available online at