Ford Motor (NYSE:F) (NYSE:F) has partnered with SkyWay Systems to devlier an online wireless tracking service to help recover stolen vehicles. The new SmartAlert service will be available as a dealer-installed licensed accessory at participating Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealerships nationwide.

Of the more than 1.2 million vehicles stolen in the U.S. each year, close to 40 percent are never recovered. SmartAlert not only tracks vehicle location but allows subscribers to unlock vehicle doors remotely and use speed alerts and other controls to encourage safer driving. Ideal for small businesses with company car fleets, SmartAlert can communicate with users online, by e-mail, phone, and through text messaging. In addition, it qualifies drivers for insurance discounts of up to 33 percent.

"With early theft detection and continuous vehicle tracking, SmartAlert will make it much easier for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury owners to recover their vehicles immediately after a theft," Dr. Robert Yandrofski, chairman and CEO of SkyWay Systems, said in a statement. "SmartAlert is a great service for owners who want to protect their vehicles from theft, and small business owners who need to track the whereabouts of their vehicles."