Intuit (NASDAQ:INTU) has introduced a new program that allows entrepreneurs to create business applications tailored to their specific industry needs without technical expertise. The QuickBase Business Consultant Program enables members to easily build new on-demand business applications from scratch or customize one of 200 available templates and resell them to their clients.

The new program provides training, partner relationship management and lead-generation tools to help members locate potential customers. QuickBase Business Consultants also receive a free version QuickBooks Online accounting software to help them better manage and grow their own businesses.

"Until now, businesses had to choose either a tailor made solution that fit their process, or a SaaS solution that was fast, low risk and provided anytime, anywhere access. Now, creating a tailored solution for business on a SaaS platform is not only possible, it’s easy," Bill Lucchini, vice president and general manager of QuickBase, said in a statement. "Making software fit the business needs was formerly the exclusive territory of IT and engineers. With the QuickBase Business Consultant Program, the value shifts to the entrepreneurs and industry experts who can now solve real business problems without being a technical expert."