VMware (NYSE:VMW) has introduced new security technology designed to protect applications running in virtual machines. VMsafe technology integrates into the VMware hypervisor, a thin layer of virtualization software that runs directly on server hardware independently of the operating system, and prevents viruses, trojans and keyloggers from reaching the virtual machine.

VMsafe technology provides transparency into the memory, CPU, disk, and input and output systems of the virtual machine. Security products built on VMsafe technology are able to stop malware before it harms a machine or steals data, making it safer than any physical machine.

"VMware already has the most trusted virtualization platform for running applications, and we are now raising the bar on security in ways that physical systems simply cannot match," Raghu Raghuram, vice president of datacenter products and solutions at VMware, said in a statement. "The industry has come out in full force to support VMware VMsafe technology with plans for a whole new class of security products that offer customers new advantages to running applications in virtual machines."