Information overload is pushing workers to the brink and cutting into workplace productivity, a recent survey by LexisNexis shows.

The survey, which polled 650 employees in a variety of industries, found 68 percent of respondents wished they could spend less time organizing information and more time using it. Another 85 percent said not finding the right information at the right time was a significant time waster, while 62 percent said they spent a lot of time sifting through useless information.

In an 8.89-hour average workday, employees said they spent 7.89 hours conducting research, attending meetings and searching for documents, the survey found.

Mike Walsh, CEO of LexisNexis Legal Markets, said the results should encourage businesses to invest in more efficient research technology and tools.

"Companies that take action on this issue will realize higher employee productivity and satisfaction," Walsh said in a statement.