While more U.S. workers identify stress as a common cause of workplace problems, few believe employers are doing enough about it.

In a recent survey of 13,000 employees by Watson Wyatt, a consulting firm, nearly half said stress had directly affected their job performance. About a third blamed a lack of work-life balance. Others cited mobile technology for making them constantly available for supervisors and clients, the survey found.

Despite the problems, only about five percent of respondents said they felt their employers were taking strong enough action to combat stress in the workplace.

"Too much stress from heavy demands, poorly defined priorities and little on-the-job flexibility can add to health issues," Watson Wyatt spokesperson Shelly Wolff said in a statement. "By leaving stress unaddressed, employers invite an increase in unscheduled time off, absence rates and health care costs -- all of which hurt a company's bottom line," Wolff said.