CyberSource (NASDAQ:CYBS) has introduced Intelligent Review Technology as part of its risk management solutions for e-commerce merchants. The new features enhance automation beyond the initial order screening process to include secondary review cycles so that online sellers can better accommodate growth.

The second stage of auto screening arms merchants with more sophisticated tools to automatically evaluate queued orders and reduce the length of time they remain suspended. In addition, physical device fingerprinting has been added to the management portal's set of more than 150 integrated fraud detectors.

"Though front-end screening tools have brought the online fraud rate to manageable levels for some, the price merchants are paying for that success now looms as the current challenge," Kirsten Fry-Sanchez, CyberSource vice president of product management, said in a statement. "On average, merchants review one out of every four orders they receive, adding significant cost and delay. To assist with this workload, they add more anti-fraud tools each year, which in turn adds to the management challenge."