On-demand electronic data interchange (EDI) service provider SPS Commerce has introduced a new industry-specific application for manufacturers who need supply chain management visibility. Built using the NetSuite Business Operating System (NS-BOS), this Supply Chain add-on for NetSuite (NYSE:N) allows for end-to-end visibility and automation in one system when working with trading partners.

The new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution provides integration of trading partner information into the order management process, as well as product fulfillment and promised delivery dates to customers. SPS' EDI capabilities layered on top of the customer relationship management, accounting, enterprise resource management and e-commerce core of NetSuite offers visibility into every aspect of the product lifecycle, from the raw material coming from trading partners to the delivery of finished product to the end-customer.

"Since teaming together, NetSuite and SPS have demonstrated how SaaS offers yet another benefit to the market — rapid innovation and integration," Archie Black, CEO of SPS Commerce, said in a statement. "Using NS-BOS, within weeks SPS was able to create and test its robust integration adaptor for NetSuite, and deliver it to our joint customers for immediate use. This rapid turnaround would not be possible with traditional software solutions."