Software developer IntoScape has introduced an application suite designed to automate and integrate key business processes in the supply chain management, procurement, competitor monitoring and pricing systems, predominantly for growing e-commerce companies. Total Commerce Management for NetSuite (NYSE:N) is powered by the NetSuite Business Operating System (NS-BOS).

The new software, tailored mid-market wholesalers, distributors and online retailers, automates activities such as supplier sourcing, competitor analysis, margin-based pricing calculation, inventory management and catalogue updates. Combining these with NetSuite's on-demand customer relationship management, accounting and enterprise management capabilities, Total Commerce Management also automates procurement, supply-chain management and content management updates for any Web store that makes use of the NetSuite shopping cart and checkout.

"This is a major step forward in managing fast-moving retail environments," Steve Willock, managing director at IntoScape, said in a statement. "Previously, companies may have taken weeks to achieve what Total Commerce Management allows them to do in minutes."