SAP AG (NYSE:SAP) and IDS Scheer have announced the integration of the Enterprise Services Repository of SAP NetWeaver and ARIS technology from IDS Scheer to allow customers to take a model- and process-centric approach to the implementation of service-enabled business applications from SAP.

ARIS is a toolset enabling the discovery, documentation, analysis and optimization of stable business processes. Enterprise Services Repository, developed by SAP in collaboration with IDS Scheer, is a central library where all enterprise service metadata is illustrated and explained, enabling the reuse of enterprise services for modeling and composing new applications. The integration of the two allows for better visualization, understanding and describing of enterprise service-oriented architecture.

"The integration of ARIS technology with the Enterprise Services Repository of SAP NetWeaver allows customers to access SAP's modeled process components and enterprise services, for the first time, from a business process analysis environment," Wolfram Jost, executive board member at IDS Scheer AG, said in a statement.