's, e-mail service now offers integrated support for BlackBerry Internet Service from Research In Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM). BlackBerry smartphone users can now automatically receive messages from their Hostopia e-mail account.

Hostopia will market the new service on a wholesale basis to telecommunications companies, cable providers and other broadband ISPs that require e-mail for their end-user customers. Customers who use Hostopia's SyncSuite applications can wirelessly synchronize their calendars, contacts and task information so that changes made on a BlackBerry smartphone are automatically effected within Outlook and Webmail.

"BlackBerry Internet Service is a natural complement to Hostopia's e-mail platform, which now includes Webmail and SyncSuite, our mobile data synchronization clients for the BlackBerry platform, Outlook and others," Hostopia's chief marketing officer, Paul D. Engels, said in a statement.