Speakeasy, a Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) company , has unveiled a new policy that allows customers to choose their broadband provider with any of Speakeasy's voice services rather than be forced to use the company's own broadband service.

Speakeasy's new flexible voice option allows small business customers currently in contract with other broadband providers to run its phone service over their existing broadband connection. Businesses may also access Speakeasy customer service without breaking their contract. For companies not in contract, selecting Speakeasy to provide both broadband and voice allows for the highest quality service.

"Most of our competitors are anchored to a rigid model of requiring customers to use their voice services with their broadband or they don't offer broadband at all," Bruce Chatterley, Speakeasy's president and CEO, said in a statement. "We are one of the only telecommunications companies in the United States to offer both options to our customers."