Trend Micro (NASDAQ:TMIC) has introduced a new on-demand message archiving solution designed to help small and midsize companies archive with accessibility and encryption, reduce e-mail management costs, and protect their electronic data. Trend Micro Message Archiver provides a fast e-mail search capability that allows archived messages to be accessed without leaving Microsoft Outlook.

The new solution features tamper-resistant design and forensics technology that uses digital fingerprinting and encryption to ensure that e-mails are authentic and unaltered for automatic legal compliance. It also boasts a 'privacy guard,' which logs e-mail searches by authorized users and sends an audit of them to a designated 'data guardian' in order to prevent abuse.

"Because of the tremendous amount of intellectual property that's stored in e-mail, our customers have been asking for efficient message archiving to complement their Trend Micro content-security solutions," Steve Quane, executive general manager for Trend Micro's small and midsize business unit, said in a statement.