EMC (NYSE:EMC) has unveiled new software capabilities that double the amount of digital objects its Centera content addressed storage system can archive, facilitating the management and security of unchanging electronic content, such as medical images, e-mail records, financial documents, video and audio recordings.

The newest version of Centera operating software, CentraStar 4.0, allows for up to 25 million objects to be held in each individual disk drive. Available as a free upgrade, the new software also improves the self-management and healing capabilities of Centera systems. In addition, CentraStar enhances security by enabling administrators to segregate, configure and separately manage application, management and replication traffic, and offers additional system logging and auditing capabilities, including custom-configured password complexity rules.

"In the past, customers were worried about storing millions of e-mails, while today we have customers with a billion e-mails in their archive," Rich Napolitano, senior vice president of EMC storage division, said in a statement. "With these latest enhancements, we continue to lead the industry in delivering cost-effective production class archiving solutions that keep up with the challenges that customers are facing today."