Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has plans to acquire desktop virtualization solutions provider, Kidaro, and incorporate its virtualization technology into Microsoft's own suite of desktop management tools, the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance.

Kidaro's desktop virtualization capabilities will provide Microsoft customers with the ability to accelerate Windows Vista migrations by minimizing compatibility issues between applications and the operating system; easily deploy managed Virtual PCs to Windows desktops; rapidly reconstitute corporate desktops; apply policies in locked-down corporate Virtual PCs while giving users more open access to the underlying host operating system; speed user adoption of virtualization; and reduce IT investment in desktop image management.

"Virtual PCs can help businesses address a number of challenges around application compatibility, mobility and business continuity," Shanen Boettcher, general manager of Windows product management at Microsoft, said in a statement. "Kidaro's seamless user interface and management capabilities allow enterprises to more easily use and manage Virtual PCs."