Web experience management solutions provider, Gomez, has introduced its new free Google AdWords landing page performance testing service that enables advertisers to objectively measure and quantify the performance of their landing pages.

Leveraging Gomez's ExperienceFirst platform, the instant landing page test shows details of how a page loaded, including content served by third parties, such as banner ads or news feeds. It can be downloaded from the company's Web site.

"The fact that Google will be factoring landing page performance into its ranking and bidding algorithm means that any business that relies on AdWords for lead generation needs Gomez," Gomez CEO Jaime Ellertson said in a statement. "Dropping down in the rankings or having to spend more on minimum bids could cost advertisers a lot of money and lower their profit margins. By making it possible for advertisers to get a snapshot of their current performance, Gomez can help them see where errors and slow-loading objects are, and they can fix them before being penalized economically."