DigitalFX International (AMEX:DXN) has released an enhanced version of FirstStream Studio, a suite of Web-based tools that allow small and midsize business users to send video communications from their own domain name.

FirstStream enables businesses to produce and showcase high-quality streaming video for $69 a month with no contract required. Users can stream live webcasts for public, private, or pay-per view, manage incoming e-mail, reply or create video e-mail, create video on-demand content, video podcasts and blogs, and upload and store pictures, videos and music.

"FirstStream's point and click solutions are extremely robust and cost-effective. For instance, businesses can conduct live webcasts complete with graphics, polling questions, and interactive chat, with instant archiving for immediate on-demand playback," DigitalFX International CEO, Craig Ellins, said in a statement. "The FirstStream Studio offers an affordable all-in-one, robust streaming video platform empowering smaller businesses with video communications that normally would cost them thousands of dollars."