ModusLink, a subsidiary of CMGI (NASDAQ:CMGI), has introduced its new Optimized Configuration Solution for demand-driven supply chain design. The solution features a new network optimization and simulation service designed to enable businesses to minimize costs and maintain targeted inventory levels across the supply chain.

Optimized Configuration Solution enables companies to determine how best to optimize the assembly, configuration and packaging of products into a market-ready state. The network optimization and simulation service allows them to use design and modeling software tools to ensure more granular and precise evaluation of large amounts of critical data and operating variables. These tools also perform simulation and testing to predict how well the suggested network design will perform in real-world environments.

"With the addition of ModusLink's new network and simulation tools, we are able to offer our clients an unprecedented view of their end-to-end supply chain infrastructure that would otherwise be inaccessible," Scott D. Smith, president of worldwide sales and marketing for ModusLink, said in a statement.