Allworx, a subsidiary of PAETEC Holding (NASDAQ:PAET), has announced that its family of IP phones and VoIP communications systems is now interoperable with VXI's VoIP headset offerings, allowing the company's partners to market a more complete solution to small and midsize businesses.

VXI's communication headsets for the home, road or busy office environments offer high-quality sound, durability and noise-canceling capabilities. Allworx has tested several models, including the Passport V-series. In addition to confirming interoperability, Allworx has facilitated the bundling of VXI headsets with its IP phone systems so that channel partners can better market the joint solution.

"VXI is the headset company that we recommend for our phones because of the quality of its products, and because of the seamless interoperability with our offerings," Allworx president, George Daddis, said in a statement.