Avistar Communications (NASDAQ:AVSR) has unveiled its new videoconferencing system designed and priced for small to midsize meeting rooms. The C3 Teamroom MP offers multi-party calling, automated track-the-talker camera adjustment, presence-awareness, click-to-call connection, integrated IP network bandwidth management technology, and interconnectivity with third party IP videoconferencing systems.

The new solution requires little technical training to deploy. Its user-friendly interface allows users to easily connect and route calls, and centralized administration lets system administrators perform most support functions remotely over the IP network. Installed on a webcam-equipped PC, the C3 Teamroom MP offers point-to-point videoconferencing that can be distributed across an entire organization to create a networked, face-to-face community.

"C3 Teamroom MP takes the high-end functionality of our successful C3 desktop videoconferencing software for unified communications, and packages it for the meeting room at a price that will upset the competition," Stephen Epstein, chief marketing officer at Avistar, said in a statement.