Cbeyond (NASDAQ:CBEY)too has deployed its new IronPort Anti-Spam technology to combat the growing amount of spam being circulated. IronPort Systems, a business unit of Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) estimates that global spam volumes have doubled this year to 120 billion messages daily.

The new solution is a multi-layered defense system that addresses such threats as spam, phishing and zombie attacks, as well as blended threats, such as spam attacks distributing malicious content through a download or executable file.

"Cbeyond handles millions of e-mails an hour for our customers," Richard Batelaan, chief operating officer for Cbeyond, said in a statement. "Over 97 percent is spam that is never delivered to their e-mail inbox. The global explosion of spam traffic demands diligence and investment in proven, reliable anti-spam technology."