Fujifilm Recording Media (FUJI:NASDAQ) (NASDAQ:FUJI) has released its new Tape Tracker, a wireless data management tool designed to increase security by tracking the location and status of sensitive removable media cartridges while in transit. Fujifilm has teamed up with Bothell, Wash.-based cargo monitoring, recovery and loss prevention company, SC-Integrity, to provide real-time monitoring and notification for the Tape Tracker using the Fujifind interactive Web application.

The Tape Tracker comes in a half-inch tape cartridge format that fits discreetly inside nearly any tape media case. The Fujifind application uses the information, tracking, geo-fencing and notification capabilities of the LoJack InTransit monitoring solution that currently provide corporations the ability to track high value cargo, audit driver activities, and conduct surveillance operations to ensure their assets are protected.

"The ability of tape to store large quantities of data in a cost-effective, energy-efficient, removable format make it a preferred medium to backup and archive critical business data," Daniel Greenberg, new product manager of marketing at Fujifilm Recording Media, said in a statement.