Phoenix Technologies (NASDAQ:PTEC) has teamed up with Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) to integrate the upcoming Intel Anti-Theft Technology, featuring hardware-assisted theft-management and data protection, with Phoenix's FailSafe theft-deterrence solution.

FailSafe enables original equipment manufacturers to embed a command and control system in PCs to track, control and recover lost or stolen mobile computers. A user-friendly Web-based interface allows information on the laptop to be encrypted to prevent data theft. Users can retrieve critical data, permanently erase sensitive information, and lock or completely disable the computer remotely.

"While mobile PCs offer tremendous convenience and power, they are also vulnerable to theft that results in identity theft and data loss," Dave Gibbs, senior vice president and general manager of worldwide field operations at Phoenix Technologies, said in a statement. "Phoenix has introduced FailSafe to directly address these critical issues and by working with Intel, we hope to accelerate market adoption of our joint technologies."