ATEN Technology, a division of ATEN International, has introduced a new line of cable and desktop KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) products ideal for small and home offices.

The new suite of products includes two- and four-port cable and desktop KVMs. These can be used to access applications and files using a new computer that were stored on an old PC, to protect a new computer from harmful malware, spyware and viruses b surfing the Internet with an old computer, or to enable laptops to be connected to full-sized keyboard and larger video monitor.

"For nearly three decades, ATEN Technology has built a strong market foothold within the SMB and enterprise segments with our expansive line of KVM and related technologies and now we are opening the floodgates to bring our innovation to the masses," Sampson Yang, CEO of ATEN Technology, said in a statement. "For home-based workers such as graphic designers, the ability to quickly and easily switch between Mac and PC systems allows them to work more efficiently."