Logility (NASDAQ:LGTY) has released Logility Voyager Solutions, designed to help companies further green their supply chain initiatives by reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions, and excess inventories.

Logility Voyager Solutions improve forecasting for new environmentally friendly products, help plan the rollout of enhanced packaging that minimizes waste and includes recycled materials, and reduce inventories by synchronizing changing market demand with production goals. The new offering can also enable the modeling of complex supply chain networks to better plan production and distribution.

"Companies are moving beyond thinking about a green supply chain and are setting specific goals and investing in initiatives to improve supply chain operations with a more eco-conscious approach," Mike Edenfield, president and CEO of Logility, said in a statement. "Since these sustainability initiatives touch all areas of the supply chain, each company must evaluate the impact on costs and revenue growth within their specific global network," Edenfield said.