Hifn (NASDAQ:HIFN) has introduced a new bundled solution that includes unified IP software and an express data security acceleration card. The new Unified Storage OEM Bundle makes it easier for original equipment manufacturers and systems integrators to enter the iSCSI market by transforming open-system third-party disk arrays into intelligent storage appliances.

The new bundle is intended to address the specific needs of small and midsize business customers. It combines Hifn's Express DS250/255 data acceleration card with Swarm iSCSI software, which includes advanced management and security features, integrated hardware data encryption to protect sensitive company data and meet regulatory compliance standards, and built-in data protection capabilities, such as point-in-time snapshots and local and remote data replication.

"The customer response to Hifn's Swarm iSCSI technology has been overwhelming in its praise for the ease-of-use and comprehensive feature set so it makes good sense for us to open up a new channel to bring this technology to the SMB and SME community," John Matze, vice president of business development at Hifn, said in a statement.