SupportSoft (NASDAQ:SPRT) has introduced its new remote device provisioning and management product. The scalable ServiceGateway 4.0 boasts scalability and several enhancements over previous versions.

The new gateway features a redesigned customer service representative user interface, a device capability discovery engine, a customizable policy and workflow engine, flexible tools for building and aggregating device configuration templates, and increased out-of-the-box reports. When a customer calls for new or additional service, ServiceGateway automatically and securely authenticates the customer, sets up the device and enables service to begin.

"SG 4.0 represents an important step forward in remote device provisioning and management," Michael Sayer, general manager of SupportSoft's enterprise business unit, said in a statement. "We have been delighted with the response from customers who have experienced the 4.0 release, and look forward to bringing it to marketplace now that it is generally available."