Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) has introduced a number of enhancements across its portfolio that leverage its Self-Defending Network solution. These improvements allow businesses to better protect IT infrastructures against malware, and address security requirements such as data loss prevention, corporate policy compliance, and regulatory compliance.

On the network security side, Cisco IPS 6.1 provides deeper insight into network health and features IPS Manager Express, an all-in-one application for IPS (intrusion prevention system) provisioning, monitoring, and reporting. Cisco Firewall Service Module 4.0 accelerates the secure information delivery of high-volume traffic, such as large data backups or bulk data transfers.

The latest version of Cisco Security Agent expands endpoint security by integrating day-zero attack defense, data-loss prevention, and signature-based antivirus detection into a single manageable agent. New Web application firewall, content security, and security management capabilities have also been introduced.