Hifn (NASDAQ:HIFN) has teamed up with Cofio Software to design advanced Virtual Tape Library (VTL) solutions for small and midsize businesses. The new VTL platform combines Hifn's Express DR data reduction cards and Cofio's ViStor VTL software.

Designed for critical data storage server environments, such as continuous data protection, network-attached storage and storage area networks, and VTL applications, Hifn's Express DR technology improves overall performance while ensuring zero-defect data. Cofio's VTL software acts as a physical tape library, allowing backups to travel from disk to disk. The combination of disk-based backup, Hifn's hardware-advantaged capacity optimization, and Cofio's VTL solution allows companies to improve backup reliability, ensure data integrity and shrink the backup window, while leveraging their existing backup infrastructure, polices and procedures.

"Containing data growth and improving backup reliability are two of the biggest storage challenges facing SME IT operations, and the Cofio ViStor VTL with integrated Hifn Express DR capabilities addresses both of those issues in a single integrated solution," John Matze, vice president of business development at Hifn, said in a statement.