N-able Technologies has announced it will offer a one-year subscription to its new hosted N-central Express software free of charge to North American Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) partners.

N-central Express expands on the features found in the N-central software platform, including Web-based administration of multiple customers from a single dashboard and automated software updates, script execution and defrags. It allows solution providers to automate IT services and remotely manage up to 10 IP-enabled devices. N-central Express can also identify and resolve problems with desktops, servers and other devices, and prevent network problems.

"We are debuting N-central Express to Microsoft partners to fuel the adoption of managed services throughout North America," Gavin Garbutt, president and CEO of N-able Technologies, said in a statement. "By removing any barriers to entry, N-central Express makes it easy for solution providers to take that first step and start quickly automating their IT services and incorporating remote monitoring and management services into their solutions portfolio."