Social media company, Meetup, has teamed up with OPEN, the small business division of American Express (NYSE:AXP) to launch a nationwide program that will stimulate small business growth. Ideas for a Growing Business is a six-month event curriculum for small business Meetup groups.

The curriculum will provide small businesses with marketing and financing training, logistical support, and access to industry events and products. Meetup organizers will receive a monthly Meetup-in-a-Box kit containing an event outline, how-to guide and supporting materials to maximize the information and productivity of each meeting for their participants. The first session will focus on building a business community, showing small business owners how to leverage existing contacts, and use the Internet and other channels to grow a network. Future themes include building business credit, online marketing, financing, customer relations and cash flow management.

"A true, authentic partnership created this program," Marcy Shinder, vice president of brand marketing and strategy of American Express OPEN, said in a statement. "By listening closely to the thoughts of Meetup organizers and infusing those ideas with our experience, expertise and resources, we have created a program that will enhance the small business Meetup experience and help its members grow their businesses."