Pipeline Data's AIRCHARGE Bluetooth software is now available on the Sprint (NYSE:S) Mobile Broadband and Nextel National networks. The software allows credit card transactions to be accepted with more Sprint phones and nine Bluetooth credit card swipe-with-printer devices.

AIRCHARGE credit card payment solutions enable merchants to accept payments in mobile environments such as for HVAC, plumbing, limousine and taxi, and delivery services, as well as at trade shows and flea markets. The AIRCHARGE software can be loaded onto the customer's phone over-the-air and is compatible with most merchant processing accounts.

"The AIRCHARGE solution allows Sprint's business customers to process payments wherever and whenever they need to using Sprint's Now network," Tom Moore, Sprint's director of mobile business applications, said in a statement. "Businesses in a variety of industries benefit from using this mobile payment system and now can easily integrate it with a device and Bluetooth peripheral that best suits their needs."