Tata Communications (NYSE:TCL) has introduced a suite of security services designed to protect the applications, IT systems and networks that power critical business infrastructures. The new portfolio includes premise and managed services, priced to be accessible to small and midsize businesses.

The new monitored and managed security solutions are overseen by a globally distributed support team and include firewalls and unified threat management appliances, intrusion detection and prevention systems, distributed denial of service detection and mitigation, and penetration testing. Evaluation and response is based on sophisticated real-time security incident and event analysis.

"Tata Communications' customers are running their businesses on cutting-edge IP solutions, with security management being a paramount concern," Vinod Kumar, president of global data and mobility solutions at Tata Communications, said in a statement. "As one of the world's largest global network operators, our company is committed to meet our customers' unique infrastructure needs, allowing them to focus on running their businesses."