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HP Launches Vast Storage Capacity System

The new system is geared towards digital media firms offering business services.

HP (NYSE:HPQ) has introduced a cost-effective, highly scalable storage system designed to manage petabytes, which are equivalent to 1000 terabytes, of data. HP StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage System (ExDS9100) is ideal for digital media firms offering business services that generate massive amounts of file-based data that must be easily stored, managed and retrieved, such as streaming media, video-on-demand and social networking.

The ExDS9100 is comprised of a performance block, featuring the energy-efficient BladeSystem chassis with blade servers; a capacity block made up of three high-availability storage blocks and 246 terabytes of capacity; and file clustering software. A single graphical management interface and wizards allow fewer administrators to manage more storage, which reduces costs.

"As business requirements rapidly change and digital media files grow at exponential rates, many enterprises need to manage growth in a way that helps them profit from their storage infrastructure," Dave Roberson, senior vice president and general manager at HP's StorageWorks, said in a statement. He said the ExDS9100 is the only complete hardware and software system that provides a flexible and affordable solution for customers with massive capacity needs.

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