Emoze, a subsidiary of the Emblaze Group, has released an upgraded version of its Enterprise Edition smartphone solution. The enhanced offering, designed for small and midsize businesses, is available for free download and trial in its beta version. It includes a simple data package and the emoze software for two-way synchronization of office e-mail, calendar and contact information between exchange servers and employee mobile devices.

The software is installed on a dedicated PC or server connected to an exchange server and features a user-friendly interface. Users can be easily added or removed, traffic monitored and policies set, such as automatic clean up timeframes. On the mobile side, e-mail attachments can be viewed in multiple formats and bookings made for new appointments.

The emoze enterprise gateway also acts as a router and so does not store or decrypt messages transferred through it, making it highly secure. Messages are only sent when the device is connected and ready to receive them, remaining encrypted during the entire route until they reach the mobile client. In case of loss or theft of the mobile device, data synchronization can be blocked remotely.