Yesmail, an infoGROUP (NASDAQ:IUSA) company, has launched a new module for its e-mail platforms designed to help marketers target more qualified prospects. Yesmail Prospector allows marketers to acquire new customers with the same tool they use for retention-based e-mail marketing.

The new solution makes such advanced e-mail features as dynamic or conditional content, micro-segmenting, multi-message streams and triggered messaging available for acquisition campaigns. The Prospector module enables marketers to select audiences from pre-qualified lists that closely match the client's customer demographic, resulting in highly customized, advanced acquisition campaigns that parallel and integrate with their retention efforts.

"We're excited to announce this incredibly unique value-add module to our portfolio," Mike Hilts, president and general manager of Yesmail, said in a statement. "We continue to develop and deliver innovative solutions that will make e-mail marketing more effective and impactful to our customer's bottom line."