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Survey: Going Green Too Costly

Businesses owners still cite costs as the biggest obstacle to creating a greener workplace.

While most business owners would prefer to provide a more environmentally friendly workplace, many continue to be deterred by added costs, according to a recent survey by Office Depot.

Of 2,500 owners polled nationwide, over half said they wanted to make their businesses greener, but feared the move wouldn't be financially wise. Most cited upfront investment costs as their biggest concern, the survey found.

Yet according to Yalmaz Siddiqui, Office Depot's director of environmental strategy, the cost of going green should no longer be an issue for most businesses. He said creating a green workplace can not only be done cheaply, but can also save businesses money in the long run.

"The trick is to understand the different options and not assume that going green will always result in higher cost," Siddiqui said in a statement.

Recently, Office Depot released a free online guide to help business owners make the transition. "Small Steps to Your Greener Office: Saving Money While Taking Care of Your Business and the Planet" is available at

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