Nurses and software developers are among a handful of jobs that remain in high demand despite the economic downturn, according to a list of recession-proof professions released this week by Jobfox.

Other jobs high on the list include sales reps, accountants, and finance executives, the Washington D.C.-based online employment firm reported.

"These are the professionals who have been least affected by six consecutive months of job losses in the United States," Jobfox CEO Rob McGovern said in a statement.

He said the weakening economy has hit low-skilled workers the hardest, while others have seen "aggressive hiring activity."

Part of the reason is that these jobs are connected to broader social and economic forces, the report said. For instance, rising demand for nurses and health-care providers is being driven by aging baby boomers, while accountants are benefiting from stricter financial regulations following the Enron and WorldCom accounting scandals.

Not surprisingly, jobs in the technology sector dominated the list. According to the Labor Department, software engineers are expected to be the fastest-growing occupation over the next decade.