Despite the slowing economy, the number of online job ads picked up in August, the Conference Board reported this week.

The total number of online job ads last month increased by seven percent to 4.8 million, up four percent from a year ago, the New York-based private research group said. More than three million were new ads, while the rest were re-posted from July.

The posted ads showed continuing demand for IT and health care workers, along with management, administrative and sales staff, the report said.

Alaska had the highest number of online job ads in August, at nearly seven vacancies for every 100 people in the workforce, followed by Wyoming and Massachusetts. Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan had the least favorable rate of vacancies to unemployed workers.

"Looking at the number of unemployed in relation to the number of advertised vacancies provides an indication of available job opportunities for the unemployed," Gad Levanon, a Conference Board economist, said in a statement.