The economic downturn is forcing many employees to curtail their workday spending habits, according to a recent survey.

Eighty percent of 436 respondents said they're changing their eating and drinking routines to save money, the New York-based career resource firm reported. Sixty-one percent said they're now bringing lunch from home, while 41 percent are choosing to eat at cheaper restaurants.

“Regardless of their industry or career path, American workers are clearly reacting to the global economic crisis in meaningful ways on a daily basis,” CEO Erik Sorenson said in a statement. “Our survey reflects the plunging markets and drop in consumer confidence,” he said.

Another 28 percent of employees said they're cutting back on coffee, and 23 percent are choosing to skip happy hour outings.

Commutes were also affected. Nearly a quarter of respondents said they're trying to work from home more, while 19 percent are taking public transportation, rather than driving.

As many as 41 percent said they’re staying at a job they dislike for fear of not finding work elsewhere, the survey found.