June 1, 2004 -- With Memorial Day weekend upon us, the summer vacation period has officially begun. Two-thirds of 732 small business owners surveyed are planning to take at least a week off this summer, according to the American Express OPEN Small Business Network.

While this represents roughly the same percentage as last year, 67 percent said they would grapple with business worries while trying to unwind, down from 73 percent in 2003. However, 59 percent said they would check in once a day by phone or email while away. At the same time, a significant 20 percent said they wouldn't check in at all.

When business does creep into their minds, more than 40 percent of the business owners said they would be concerned that clients and customers wouldn't receive appropriate service. This was the biggest concerned, followed by 28 percent worried about missing business opportunities and 27 percent who had doubts about staff judgment calls.

A large number will still try to get some work done while taking it easy. Of those going away, 36 percent plan on combining business trips with their vacations to save time and money, a 5 percent leap from 2003.