Kickstarter's digital watch darling has released a video sneak peak of its user interface. 

Pebble, the start-up developing a customizable “smart watch” that connects to a user's smartphone, posted a Vimeo video Tuesday featuring UI chief Martijn The. In the video, The walks viewers through a few highlights of the experience via a prototype, including checking messages and navigating from one screen to another.

“I figured Pebble should be so easy that our grandmothers should be able to pick it up and use it right away,” The says in the video. 

The challenge: The Pebble watch’s screen is incredibly small and only has four buttons, so fans of the device (and presumably the company's 68,000 Kickstarter backers) have been eager to see how the company handles the translation of complex functions from the iPhone to the watch. 

Founded by Eric Migigcovsky in early 2011, Pebble was accepted into Y Combinator later that year, and soon after graduation, raised $375,000 from a few angel investors, including Tim Draper. But when the company had trouble raising more money, Migicovsky put the product on Kickstarter in April 2012.

Pebble then broke the site’s funding record, raising a whopping $10.2 million.

The company recently stopped allowing users to pre-order the smartwatch due to overwhelming demand.