I am currently very passionate about education. Our current system is massively dysfunctional by any objective standard and desperately needs fixing. It is an area that will yield greatly to technology, but there are significant market obstacles. It is the largest business in the world that is screwed up. I think the reason is that unlike other businesses that have to be constantly updated to stay in business, education is primarily a monopoly that is focused on teacher rights rather than student rights. The customers (students) are underserved, and they have no options or power, except to opt out into home schooling (which is difficult for many families) or private schools (which are very expensive.) Paying taxes for education and paying--again--for a child's private education seems very unfair.

I hate to complain without a solution. So here's my take: I think that games and software should replace much of the teaching function. I am working on a new school that I hope to open shortly that is jam-packed with a very new way of doing things.
When kids come to my school they will be met with a whole new world of opportunity and interesting experiences and fun. They will come out with a greater understanding of the world, technology and creativity. They will be fit and smart. Stay tuned.