Every morning, a CEO or a product manager in the private sector will ask his or her staff if there are ways for the company to save money. Managers know that their survival and bonuses depend of not wasting money. Sure, they also look at the revenue side and try to increase sales. But the two go hand in hand.
The legislator and seldom a governor get up and ask what kind of legislation can make our current government systems more effective and deliver more value for less money. The bureaucrat actually is always looking for ways to increase their budgets, not to drop them. In that lies the problem with government services and why they always fail in comparison to the free market.

As we contemplate expanded government, we should ask why. Is there any government program in any country that is more efficient than private providers? I have asked this question at parties for the past year, with not one example offered. The only examples proffered were using the police power of the state to enact triage or rationing on some scale. Little government wins. Stop the bloat.