A View from the Top: The Story of ESPN

Bill Rasmussen set out to achieve what most thought at the time to be the unimaginable -- deliver sports television programming 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Not only did he succeed, but he changed the face of television, cable broadcasting, and sports.

Where It All Began

Bill Rasmussen turned his passion for sports into a well conceived idea that changed the face of sports as we know it.  Watch video

ESPN is Born

ESPN helped to unveil “the telecommunications event of the future” dishing out sports 24 hours a day.  Watch video

The Premiere of ESPN

On Sep. 7, 1979, ESPN began to serve sports fans anytime, anywhere--a mission that still rings true today.  Watch video

ESPN, Blazing New Trails

Bill Rasmussen never gave up on the theory that 24 hour sports would be well received nationwide--ESPN remains laser-focused on sports today benefiting fans, athletes, and teams alike.  Watch video

The Challenges of an Entrepreneur

Deciding when to let go of one’s business is perhaps the most important decision an entrepreneur will make--learn how Bill Rasmussen dealt with this important milestone.  Watch video

Perseverance Pays Off

If you have a passion for an idea--coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit--and you pursue it against all odds, you can make BIG things happen.  Watch video

On The Rise

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Hire Great People

Your employees--the team members you have on board--are the main ingredient in your recipe for success.  Watch video

Hitting the Wall and Moving Past It

It’s about resilience. This is your opportunity to get through and move onto the other side.  Watch video

Listen to Your Customers

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Find Great Advisors

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A Commitment to Culture

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Your Culture is Not a List on the Wall

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Delegate Early and Often

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Innovation with Howard Tullman

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